Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Full Set   (2-2.5 hrs)

Classic Fill   (75 min)

Classic Extended Fill   (90 min)

Classic Mini fill   (45 Min)

Classic Fill New Clients   (90 min)  






Classic lash extensions are a technique where one synthetic extension is applied to one isolated natural lash.  You can manipulate the look by length, curl and thickness of the extension for a fully customized look. 


Volume Lash Extensions

Volume Full Set   (2.5-3 hrs) 

Volume Fill   (90 min) 

Volume Extended Fill   (1 hr 45 min)

Volume Mini fill   (60 min)

Volume Fill New Clients  (1 hr 45 min) 






Volume lashes create a dense fluffy look.  It is a technique where 2 or more very thin lashes are handmade into a fan shape then applied to one isolated natural lash. They are surprisingly light and fluffy and gives more dimension and texture.  

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid Full Set   (2.5 hours) 

Hybrid Fill   (75 min) 

Hybrid Extended Fill   (90 min) 

Hybrid Mini fill   (45 min)

Hybrid Fill New Clients   (90 min)






Hybrid Lash extensions are a mixture between classic and volume lashes. This technique uses longer classic lashes with shorter handmade volume fans creating a fluffy, staggered look. 





Jen is the best for lashes! I have had full, thick, healthy lashes for years because of Jen. Pricing is reasonable for the quality of her work and my fills last 3 weeks consistently.

Rachel S.

Only Jenny can touch my lashes. I've gone to several different lash places, salons that talk about how experienced and great they are, I've gotten the short, the clumpy, the after two days only half my lashes are's exhausting and costs me a lot of money. Then I found Jenny......where has thou been all my life, Jenny? Couldn't help but notice "how" she put on lashes on a client before me. Yes, people! The technique matters and makes a hell of a difference! I seriously cannot go anywhere else.

Se V.

Jenny is amazing! I've been getting my lashes done by her for years and they consistently look elegant and beautiful. I get compliments on them everywhere I go. Her work is impeccable, she is so personable and she uses quality products. You will not find a more reputable, skilled and wonderful lash expert than Jenny Cha. I highly recommend her to my friends and anyone who is looking for fabulous lashes!

Jen R.


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